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Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are common mental health issues that affect between 5-11% of American children aged 4-17. At Northlake Children’s Associates, PA, in Mooresville, North Carolina, Mary-Margaret James, MD, and Majé Goodwin, MD, diagnose and treat ADD/ADHD to help your child lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Call or make an appointment online today.


What is ADD/ADHD?

ADD/ADHD is a mental health condition that affects your child’s ability to focus, learn, and control their impulses. If your child has ADD/ADHD, their brain activity is different and leads to behavioral issues that can interfere with their success at school and the ability to build relationships and friendships.

ADD/ADHD is most often diagnosed in little boys, but it can also affect girls. Also, while doctors usually diagnose ADD/ADHD in younger children, adolescents and adults may also have the condition.

What are the signs my child has ADD/ADHD?

ADD/ADHD presents as either predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive, or most commonly, as a combination of both.

Some of the common inattentive symptoms include:

  • Poor attention to detail
  • Makes careless mistakes on schoolwork
  • Has problems focusing on tasks or conversations
  • Doesn’t seem to listen
  • Doesn’t follow instructions or complete tasks
  • Poor organization
  • Frequently misplaces items
  • Easily distracted
  • Forgetful


Hyperactive symptoms include:

  • Can’t sit still or continually fidgets
  • Doesn’t stay in their seat at school
  • Play and climb at inappropriate times
  • Doesn’t play quietly
  • Talks too much and interrupts
  • Has trouble waiting for turns


Remember that all children have periods of high energy and inattentiveness. However, if your child’s behavior is interfering with their success at school or severely disrupting your harmony at home, you may want to talk to a doctor about your child’s behavior.

How is ADD/ADHD treated?

The pediatricians at Northlake Children’s Associates offer customized treatment for ADD/ADHD to address your child’s specific needs. However, in most cases, treatment combines medication, counseling, and lifestyle modifications.

Your doctor can prescribe medication to regulate your child’s brain chemistry, which controls their ability to pay attention, slow down, and exercise self-control. In addition to medicine, your doctor may recommend therapy to help your child learn to control their impulses and develop the social, emotional, and planning skills that are often delayed with ADD/ADHD.

Your pediatrician may also suggest parental coaching to help you adjust your parenting styles to support your child’s needs

Additionally, your pediatrician may recommend changes to your child’s diet, reducing excess sugar and processed food that are usually full of preservatives. Your child may also benefit from increased physical activity to help them burn off their extra energy.

If your child’s behavior is disrupting life at home or school, call Northlake Children’s Associates or make an appointment online today.